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emdha is an agile Trust Service Provider with the ability to carry out cloud paperless projects mixing the right ingredients of technology, workflow, legal compliance and usability, to integrate Digital Trust Services into customer processes.

We believe that bringing together people, business & technology is the way forward. At BTC emdha, we embrace this journey, striving to become the reliable, recognized trust services partner that delivers digital empowerment to our clients.

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 emdha Trust Service Provider is owned and managed by Baud Telecom Company (BTC) under the Saudi National Root CA offering trust services ranging from Online Digital Signature, Validation and Digital Certificates enabling business to seamlessly integrate and avail trust services in real-time. Delivering superior user experience by incorporating a secure, international compliant digital signature methodology fully integrated with any third party trusted registered KYC (Know Your Customer) approved by local governmental regulators.

 emdha eSign CA provides certification services to secure the exchange of information between key stakeholders, that include, Government, Citizens, Residents and Businesses. emdha complies and confirms to global PKI standards and processes; BTC operates a state-of-the-art and highly secure infrastructure for its Certificate Authorities and Trust Services with the help of skilled subject matter experts.



Why Select BTC emdha? 

•    Backed by BTC’s 45 years of existence & experience.
•    1000+ employees.
•    Experienced senior team with a track record of successful product launches, solutions and services.
•    80% employees are Certified, technically trained with industry knowhow in their respective fields.
•    Replicable and scalable flexible approach and distinctive repetitive solutions and services for our customers.
•    Offering innovative and effective services/market solutions, enriched with the latest technology.
•    Established sales teams focused on their key target market segments.
•    In-house pre and post sales team supporting project requirements.
•    Experience across a broad range of ICT technology solutions.
•    Results driven culture with a commitment to co-launch and grow niche specialty projects.

About Baud Telecom Company

Also known as BTC Networks, a trusted partner for end-to-end, integrated engineering, quality services and management consulting for digital transformation.

More than four decades of experience has transformed BTC to become a more mature solutions provider and has enabled it to understand business, technology and operational elements in great detail. BTC has grown over the years, not merely in size and revenue, but has also evolved a corporate culture dedicated to client satisfaction, lasting relationships and social responsibility.

BTC is professionally committed towards client satisfaction, we ensure all the objectives, prospects and insure with assorted strategies in providing optimal solutions & services.

Since its inception 45 years ago, BTC has helped thousands of companies in and around the kingdom facing tough challenges to embrace new technologies. From analog to digital and mobile to now IoT & AI, from the back room to the boardroom, BTC delivers the automation, integration, and sophistication that enable the business to perform like never before. 

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