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emSigner Workflow Based Signing Service

It is an electronic signature-based document signing and approval workflow solution designed to quickly optimize the way businesses send, review, approve, sign and manage their business documents.

It is a flexible and easy-to-use workflow platform that provides access to admin users to build their own document workflow templates, create user groups, and map signers to various departments like HR, Finance, Legal, etc. in a few seconds and re-use it later anywhere, anytime.

Admin can set up account access privileges for each signer separately. The platform allows for multi-party signature and sequential signing. Effective use of emSigner can effortlessly eliminate the necessity of handling physical papers and human efforts to even 100%.



Why emSigner Workflow Based Signing Service?

  • Secure and Trustworthy - The platform built on universally accepted PKI technology ensures confidentiality, authentication & non-repudiation of signed data.
  • User and Access Management - Admins can create and manage users within their organization and can create document workflow templates, user groups and map users to various functions like HR, Finance, etc. and provide access privileges for templates
  • Dashboard - Dashboard with controlled access privileges to various depts. (HR, Finance, etc.) and document workflow templates. Shows pending, not started, declined, recalled, and deleted documents.
  • Document Workflow Tracker - Documents, which are initiated for signing using online signing mode, document workflow tracker gives a real-time status of signature workflow status (Not started/ Pending/ Completed/ Declined/ Deleted)
  • Easy and seamless RESTful API Integrations - Integrate powerful document signing capability into your company’s existing system and workflows, that allows input from any source system for fetching data and seamlessly moving them through the workflows.
  • Share Document - Allows users to share a specific document to anyone along with attachments. Configure access privileges for each user to hide and show attachments.
  • File Picker - This windows service picks up the files (SAP/Tally /ERP/CRM etc) from locally designated folders and automatically uploads all the files to emSigner’s document store without any manual intervention.


Build an AI-enabled document processing automation pipeline

  • With capabilities including KYC, Machine Learning, Document Intelligence, Electronic Signature, emSigner helps you build an end-to-end document automation pipeline.
  • Mobile App enabled for approvals on the go, anywhere, anytime.
  • Add AI as part of decision workflows based on Machine Learning models.
  • Generate work orders based on the prediction of consumption.
  • Identity verification using Deep Learning.
  • emSigner can be run as a dedicated instance just for your organization giving you the benefits of the cloud while ensuring data confidentiality and isolation.


emSigner Workflow Based Signing Service