emdha Digital Signature

Designed with a mission of delivering a superior digital signing experience by establishing legally valid trust relations between people, businesses, and government organizations.

Why emdha Digital Signature?

  • Presence-less & paperless Remote Signing, enabling trusted, secured, and legally valid digital signatures.
  • Sign from any device connected to the internet.
  • Trusted KYC (Know Your Customer) sources for the end user’s authentication with (multi-layer) minimum 2-factor authentication process (performed by emdha’s SIP).
  • Complies with WebTrust, DGA, and legally binding to Saudi Electronic Transaction Law.
  • Quick and seamless user experience.
  • Full confidentiality and privacy as our solution does not store clients’ documents and/or data.
  • Compatible with any electronic data and document signing including PDF.
  • Significantly cost-effective Digital Signing Solution when compared with traditional signing practices.
  • Avoids complexity of conventional token/smart card or any other hardware crypto tokens.
  • Easy to integrate with all types of business applications through RESTful API.
We are offering two different models of our service to match and meet our clients’ needs for their convenience

For Banks under SAMA (Central Bank) regulated Institutions, Government, and Private Organizations.

emdha eSign Service Model One is offered to the Semi-Govt/Government Agencies and Private Organizations that rely on National KYC sources/Trusted KYC source and to banks regulated by SAMA (Central Bank), which enables the digitally signed documents with a legally binding status as per the eTransaction law of Saudi it allows to sign only with Individual capacity and to authenticate the signer at the time of signing with a Two-Factor authentication only using a trusted source for the KYC information.

It involves a very easy 2-step document signing process.

  • For Banks

    Step 1: Login to Bank Application and select/view document(s) to be signed.

    Step 2: Authenticate yourself (2FA) using the Bank KYC database and sign doc(s) using emdha eSign Service.

  • For Other Organizations and Entities

    Step 1: Login to the organization’s Application and select/view document(s) to be signed.

    Step 2: Authenticate using NIC-IAM service/ trusted source for the KYC information with (2FA) and sign doc(s) using emdha eSign Service.

For Individuals, Financial Institution, Government, and Private Organizations.

emdha eSign Service Model Two is offered to all Organizations and Individuals, as a mechanism to digitally sign documents with a legally binding status in the KSA as per the Saudi eTransaction law. The Signers can sign in various signing capacities, like Individual (Natural Person), Authorized Signatory (Legal Person), Organization User (Legal Person), Digital Stamp (Legal Entity) by interfacing with emdha Signer Gateway (eSign Authenticator). This Model involves a simple Individual User enrollment and an organization onboarding process. All the data captured are encrypted and stored in “emdha User Account Vault (UAV)”, a highly secured vault within a trusted zone. The Organizations need not worry about the authentication of the Signers as emdha takes care of this with the help of its UAV.

  • Signing using emdha Gateway through your service provider

    • Step 1: Authenticate your national ID through NAFATH (NIC).

      Step 2: Select your signing role either Individual Capacity, Organization User, Authorized Signatory, or as an Authorized Signatory with Digital Stamp.​

  • Organization On-boarding

    • Create an Organization KYC account and assign legal signatories.

      Step 1: Submit Organization existence proof documents to emdha.

      Step 2: Assign Legal Signatories of your organization.

What is emdha User Account Vault (UAV)?

It is a highly secured and encrypted repository containing the KYC information of all individuals and organizations enrolled with emdha.

Digital Signature
Digital Signature